5 Tips for Winning at Air Royale LTM

Air Royale LTM: Take to the Skies!

Fortnite’s new Air Royale LTM brings the X-4 Stormwing planes from Season 7 back into play in what is sure to be a new classic favorite. In this mode players compete to remain the last plane in the air. This quick guide provides tips for winning as an ace in Air Royale.

#1 – Defensive Flying

Most new players to this mode jump right in and start pursuing enemy planes, attempting to shoot them down. However, this strategy can backfire as it leaves you exposed to attacks from behind and your regular Stormwing guns do relatively low damage per second. Instead, consider spending the beginning of the match powering up your health and shields by flying through red chests. Powering up early in the match while most players are crashing into each other can give you an advantage later in the match.

#2 – Shooting Strategies

In Air Royale, one player is the pilot and the other is the gunner standing on one of the wing portions. The gunner is a critical player because their weapon is upgraded throughout the match as the pilot flies through chest circles. There are two primary positions the gunner can take: either up front on the main wing, adding more firepower to the pilot or in back on the tail wing protecting the back of the plane. Both are powerful, depending on your defensive strategy. The defensive tail wing strategy is the more well-rounded approach, with the ability to provide cover for the pilot.

One additional tip for the gunner is to focus on dealing damage to the opposing team’s pilots and gunners. Most players focus on doing damage to planes, without realizing that taking out the pilot will cause the plane to fail. Likewise, aiming for the opposing team’s gunner will half their firepower

#3 – Leveling Up Weapons Quickly

Every time your plane flies through a chest circle you have a chance to upgrade one of your weapons (pistol, SMG, rifle) at the same color level as the circle you fly through. So, even though blue and green aren’t worth a ton of points it is helpful to level up your weapons as fast as possible. Purple circles are the most valuable to go after because you have a chance of unlocking an Epic minigun. Yes, the gold Legendary variant is more desirable but also highly contested by other players. Stick to the purple circles to level up as fast as possible.

#4 – Player Hijacking

This is one tactic that many players don’t realize: both players can choose to jump off the plane in an attempt to hijack another team’s Stormwing. This is a high risk maneuver because hitting the ground means an instant elimination. However, as long as one player remains on the plane you can respawn an infinite amount of times. And, as a bonus, each plane you take over increases your plane count, leaving you in the game as long as possible.

#5 – Flying Slow and Low

Many players attempt to use boost and fly in the middle of the action. An alternative tactic is to leverage air brakes for tight turns and flying low to the ground, including between trees, to sneak around the map. Use this tactic when low on health or looking to recover.