Air Royale LTM Week 8 Challenge Rewards

Reward Breakdown

Season 8’s new Air Royale Challenge is offering players XP bonuses and new skins for vehicles. Complete the following challenges to unlock three free vehicle wraps! Completing all nine challenges unlocks the Callsign Hornet wrap.

  • Deal 4,000 damage to opposing Stormwings with an SMG or Minigun. 500 XP.
  • Collect 5 different rarites of Sky Chests as a Pilot. 500 XP.
  • Play 7 matches of Air Royale. Callsign Skull Wrap.
  • Deal 2,000 damage to opposing Stormwings with Pistols. 500 XP.
  • Destroy 5 opposing Stormwings. 500 XP.
  • Outlast 100 Opponents in Air Royale. Callsign Falcon Wrap.
  • Deal damage to opposing Stormwings with an Assault Rifle. 500 XP.
  • Deal damage with upgraded Stormwing weapons. 500 XP.
  • Place Top 5 in Air Royale. Callsign Wolf Wrap.
  • Complete All Nine Challenges. Callsign Hornet Wrap.

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Air Royale LTM Overview

New to the Air Royale LTM? Epic’s new mode was released in the v8.40 Patch and brings a new air combat mode to Battle Royale. Teams compete in Duo pairs, with one player as pilot and another standing on a wing position. Each team gets three planes at the start of the match and players are eliminated if they touch the ground. Like other modes, the storm increases in size over time and forces players into combat. Items can be upgraded by flying through colored rings that fall from the sky, with the color matching the rarity of upgrade. The winner is the team left in the sky once all other planes have been destroyed.