The Drum Gun is Unvaulted!

The Fan Favorite Drum Gun is Back

Following the events of the Volcano explosion event in Week 10 of Season 8, the Drum Gun has been brought back into play for a limited time. Introduced in Season 4, the Drum Gun performs as a hybrid of the SMG and Assault Rifle and is best used for close to medium range combat due to a wide spray pattern. The Drum Gun has the same rate of fire as an SMG but with reduced accuracy and higher damage. Players can find this weapon in Uncommon and Rare variants.

Weapon Stats

It’s been a while since players have seen this weapon so let’s do a quick re-cap of battle stats:

Bullet Type: MediumBullet Type: Medium
DPS: 234DPS: 243
Damage: 26Damage: 27
Rate: 9/sRate: 9/s
Magazine: 50Magazine: 50
Reload: 3.15sReload: 3s
Building Damage: 22Building Damage: 23