Fortnite Season 9 Changes

Fortnite Battle Pass Season 9 just hit the live servers not too long ago, and as expected, many changes have been introduced to the game. We have speculated a little on what changes might be coming with the new Fortnite, and since it has arrived, let’s take a look at what we have guessed correctly, what we’ve guessed wrong as well as everything else that we may have missed.

Tilted Towers and Retail Row

We have already speculated on the possible new player hubs in places of Retail Row and Tilted Towers since they have been completely annihilated after the volcano erupted during one of the Fortnite events and it turns out that we have been right.

Where Tilted Towers once stood, a huge futuristic town has been built which was adequately named Neo Tilted. In a similar fashion, Retail Row has been replaced with what appears to be a huge futuristic shopping center called Mega Mall.

Loot Lake, The Volcano, and Junk Junction

Retail Row and Tilted Towers were not the only locations which have gone through changes for the new season. The erupted volcano has been turned into a Pressure Plant with various pipelines stretching all over the place and a few research buildings spread around.

Loot Lake seems to have somewhat recovered from the chaos brought by the eruption and has regrown some of its lush green vegetation. An interesting detail that players have noticed is that the original clock tower which once stood in Tilted Towers has been brought to Junk Junction and now occupies a corner of the junkyard.

Sky Platforms

Neither we or anyone else could have predicted that sky platforms would be added with the new season. These are just as the name suggests. They are large platforms hovering in the sky which contain loot and are decent landing spots for players. There are seven platforms in total and they are scattered all over the island. They can be reached both from the air by landing on them or from the ground through one of the four air tunnels which are connected to them and keep the platforms in the air.

Additional Changes

Quite a few lesser changes have been made to various locations such as a huge fish statue which can be found near Lazy Lagoon, futuristic looking trucks at different locations, windmills on the northwest side of the island which have their own zip lines as well as various buildings being repaired.


A brand, new collectible has been introduced into the game called Fortbytes. These are essentially small computer chips which players can collect in order to earn special rewards and uncover a huge secret about the ninth season of Fortnite. There are a total of one hundred Fortbytes and they are exclusively available to those players who have purchased the current Battle Pass. Players can check which Fortbytes are available on which day and at least one Fortbyte will become available every day with the total of 18 being up for grabs on the day of the season’s launch.