Fortnite World Cup – Week 6 Open Qualifiers

After this week, there will be only four weeks left of the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers. Time has flown by pretty quick!

This week is the duo competitions. The semi-finals land on Saturday, 18th May, whilst the finals will be on Sunday, 19th May. Both events run at 4 pm (local time for each region).

In Week 5, vehicles were disabled for the event due to technical difficulties. Unfortunately, vehicles will also be disabled in Week 6 too.

Epic spoke about the issue on Twitter:

“Due to an issue where players can become stuck in a vehicle and unable to exit, we will be disabling all vehicles in Arena Mode and the Fortnite World Cup Online Open through the weekend.”

Despite the irritating bug, a lot of players have said they had an improvement in performance due to the disablement of vehicles.

Week 5 Qualifiers

Last week for the solo competition, more players managed to secure their places for New York in July.

Who ended up qualifying last week?

Solo Finals

Week 5 – 11th May to 12th May

Meta Peterpan – Asia

W7M Dkoutzzz – Brazil

Link – Oceania

MGA Snayzy – Europe

Ghost Issa – Europe

Atlantis Letshe – Europe

N47 Klusia – Europe

NRG MrSavageM – Europe

AGO Jarkos – Europe

Dualmedia Blastr – Europe

Fnatic Smeef – Europe

Buckefps – North America East

Rougeshark – North America East

Kolorful – North America East

Klass. – North America East

FaZe Megga. – North America East

NRG Zayt – North America East

Twitch Pzuhs – North America West

WBG Rhux – North America West

More Cheaters?

In Week 3 of the Fortnite Open Qualifiers, player XXiF was disqualified from the event and given a 14-day ban for teaming in the solo competition. Friends of XXiF allowed themselves to be eliminated by him over multiple matches, which granted him enough points to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in July.

Apparently, this wasn’t the last of cheating in the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers! During Week 5 of the event, streamer Philldown stated he had been on the receiving end of another two opponents allegedly ‘teaming’ in the solo competition. Teaming is when two players pair up with one another in a solo match. This obviously makes it a lot easier for the two players to eliminate other opponents.

Philldown has provided footage of these two players ‘cheating’ to the Fortnite competitive subreddit. The players in question, ‘Oro’ and ‘Yermpy’ appear to be teaming up together to gain an advantage and make it easier to win the match.

Philldown believes that Oro was deliberately missing shots at Yermpy to make it look like they were not teaming.

Additionally, Philldown also posted a clip that shows Oro and Yermpy shooting at him after all three of them had landed out of a rift even though they were positioned right next to one another.

Philldown eventually managed to defeat Oro but was then eliminated by Yermpy. He reported both the players for teaming after the game had finished.

Epic has not yet confirmed whether Oro and Yermpy were in fact ‘teaming’, but it looks like the remaining weeks of the Open Qualifiers won’t be without more drama!