Fortnite’s Polar Peak Is Cracking. Is a Dragon Inside?

Cracks at Polar Peak

Something big is coming to Polar Peak

Fortnite’s map has seen some massive changes over the last three seasons with the introduction of the frozen biome containing Polar Peak, followed by a giant volcano that erupted at the end of Season 8. At the beginning of Season 9 we’ve seen the Polar Peak ice has a collection of giant cracks after being struck by rocks from the volcano eruption. In the last week players have reported earthquakes while standing at Polar Peak, as well as periodic venting of ice from the cracks.

Will dragons finally arrive in Fortnite?

Epic has been teasing players with references to dragons since at least season 7. The Valkyrie loading screen showed the Frostwing glider which is a dragon made of ice. In season 7 large dragon eggs appeared at Polar Peak, and were missing by the next season. In season 8 dragon eggs appeared a second time inside of the volcano, leading fans to speculate that the eggs were stolen from the Ice King.

Over the last week players have noticed strange sounds coming from the base of Polar Peak.

What we know from leaks: Cattus

Several prominent Fortnite leakers have been posting evidence of a new event, likely related to Polar Peak, codenamed Cattus. Let’s take a look at the evidence so far…

@fortrisen has posted a video containing audio clips that may be used in the event. The audio clips include ambient sounds similar to thunder (or dragon’s breath!) and what sounds like the cry of a baby dragon.

Lucas7yoshi tweeted the following image that contains filenames for this upcoming event. Note that these files refer to an enemy codenamed Cattus that will be breathing, have eye movement and steam. Will this be some new type of dragon rising from the steam of a melted Polar Peak?

Credit: @lucas7yoshi

@FireMonkeyFN tweeted out an image of an eye. Note that this eye has colors similar to fire and ice:

Nothing definitive so far but signs suggest we will see some sort of transparent ice wall at the bottom of Polar Peak with a moving monster eye behind it. Some fans are theorizing this could be a first-ever boss fight in the world of Fortnite. We’re excited!

Will Greasy Grove return?

Greasy Grove has been frozen since the events of season 7, with houses and buildings trapped under solid ice. A dragon would be a helpful tool to melt all of that ice and turn the town to a new steam-themed area of the map.