Fortnite World Cup – Week 8 Open Qualifiers

Week 8 of the Fortnite Open Qualifiers has just passed, and there are now only two weeks left of the event. The Fortnite World Cup is fast approaching, taking place in New York from July 26 to July 28, with a prize pool of $30,000,000.

Week 8 was the duos competitions. The Semi-Finals were on Saturday June 1st and the Finals were on Sunday June 2nd. Both started at 4pm (local time for each region).

Each week of the Fortnite Open Qualifiers is never without some drama, and Week 8 has been no different.

Cheating Again?

Week 6 saw two players supposedly teaming against streamer Philldown in the solo competition, and player XXiF was accused of cheating during Week 3 with his friend Rise Ronaldo. XXiF and Rise Ronaldo were apparently teaming with one another and were also fed eliminations by other players to gain an advantage and qualify for the Fortnite World Cup.

Epic withdrew XXiF and Ronaldo’s qualification for the Fortnite World Cup, and also gave them and the players involved a two-week ban. However, this hasn’t seemed to stop the pair from breaking the rules yet again in Week 8.

After their two-week ban had been lifted, XXiF and Ronaldo took another shot at the Open Qualifiers in Week 8. They both qualified, placing third with ninety-one points. The duo managed to win two games and eliminate nine opponents over nine games.

A user named Zexay uploaded a video to Twitter that shows footage of what looks to be XXiF and Ronaldo being fed eliminations once again.

Other players are understandably very upset about this and believe Epic should have given bigger repercussions to XXiF and Ronaldo for cheating. Their two-week ban clearly wasn’t long enough as they appear to be back up to their old tricks!

Epic has not commented on XXiF and Ronaldo’s cheating allegation just yet, but as the pair were found cheating in Week 3, they will likely investigate this matter further. If XXiF and Ronaldo have been indeed cheating yet again, then they will probably receive much harsher consequences for their actions than a two-week ban.

Hopefully, Epic will sort these two players out and this will be the last of their devious tactics!

Week 7 Qualifiers

Cheating aside, which lucky players qualified during Week 7 of the Fortnite Open Qualifiers?

Solo Competition Finals

Week 7 – May 25th to May 26th

Meta Hood.J – Asia

T1 Arius IWNL – Asia

K1ng IWNL – Brazil

Code Nicksss – Brazil

Twins IWNL – Oceania

Atlantis K1nzell – Europe

Exalty Robabz – Europe

Parabellum Bro – Europe

Aqua. – Europe

Gmarteeneu – Europe

Solary Kinstaar – Europe

Gambit.Fwexy – Europe

Erouce – Europe

Nix Fatch – North America East

Code-Astonish – North America East

Thiccboy Luneze – North America East

Chenkinz.TV – North America East

ClarityG – North America East

Reverse2k – North America East

WBG Pika – North America West

4DRStormOG – North America West

Be sure back to check back this week for Week 9 of the Fortnite Open Qualifiers to find out who qualified for Week 8, plus any more exciting news and drama!