Fortnite Cattus Event – What We Know So Far

If you are a fan or a player of Fortnite, then you probably already know that Fortnite has gained a status of the most popular Battle Royale game out there and arguably the most popular video game as well. Part of the success is due to the fact that Fortnite is an ever-changing game which has numerous events occur within its universe which bring various changes to the game and permanently alter the landscape of the Fortnite island. Although a few such events have occurred during the previous past seasons, the one that has been catching a lot of attention has been dubbed the Cattus event by the community and it is yet to happen.

The now famously dubbed Cattus event is allegedly supposed to occur sometime in the future, and although we don’t know the time of the event, early speculation of the community suggests that we just might know the place of it. According to some fan theories, the Cattus event is supposed to take place underneath the polar biome and might be connected to the famous big screen monster Godzilla.

While Fortnite has been known to take inspiration from various movies for their events, and a crossover with Godzilla: King of the monsters might not be that farfetched, it is very unlikely to happen. The main piece of evidence that points to this conclusion is the fact that PUBG has already done a crossover event with Godzilla and Epic Games are not the ones who like to follow trends as opposed to set them.


Nevertheless, there is some evidence that supports the Godzilla theory. Some fans have speculated that King Ghidorah from the Godzilla movie can be seen trapped in ice near Polar Peak as evidenced by the giant eye set in ice just north of Polar Peak waiting to wake up any second and raise hell all over the Fortnite Island. While the eye does look like the one of Ghidorah, the fact is that it could be an eye of any other large creature or monster.
Whatever is trapped in the cold embrace of ice there, it will most likely be linked to some sort of event which will have a long term effect on the map and the story of the game. The speculated dragon eggs that were uncovered beneath Polar Peak during season 7 have appeared under the volcano in season 8 and they might be connected in some way to the Cattus event.

The truth is, we don’t actually know what the Cattus event is going to be and pretty much every piece of information that we currently have boiled down to pure speculation. I guess we will just have to wait until season 10 comes around in order to find out, or hope for more information to come up during the current season. Only time will tell what is going to happen during the Cattus event, but whatever it is, it will probably be big.