Fortnite Major Lazer

Recently, it has been data-mined that the next concert in Fortnite just might feature a performance by none other than Major Lazer. For those who do not know, Major Lazer is an electronic dance music trio that features producer Diplo and two DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire.

This information was brought to the public eye by data-miner Lucas7yoshi who found an emote within the files which directly referenced the Major Lazer trio. Unfortunately, the file can’t be viewed yet by any of the data-miners due to it featuring a placeholder emote which means that all of the content and items related to the Major Lazer event will likely be added sometime in the future.

The first-ever concert held in Fortnite was by the famous record producer Marshmello and it was a smashing success so it would only make sense for Epic Games to partner up with another artist for a similar event.

While the data-mined information might be evidence of the upcoming event, take all of this information with a grain of salt as none of it has been officially confirmed so we don’t know what might be coming in the future. Another possibility is that Epic Games are simply basing a new emote on the trio which would mean that no concert or similar event might not be taking place at all, however, referencing the trio so directly could be a bit too much for a single emote.

We will just have to wait to find out and while we are at it, be on on the lookout for any new related information.

Official Tweet:
Lucas7yoshi // News/Leaks
A placeholder emote, that I dubbed “ẻ̵̦͓̝̩̕ ̸͍͈̺͎̃͌̃m̵̠͚̯̲͌̊̄ ̸̛͕̈́̃̕p̸̾͜ ̵̲̈́͠͝ț̷͕̭͓͂̃͗͠ ̵̧̻̪̠̎y̵̡͔̆̾͐” earlier that has no name, rarity (uncommon is defaulted in my image generated) was added with v9.40

While it has no name, it has a file name which is “EID_MajorLazerDance