Fortnitemars 2019 Skin Names Leak

Fortnitemares is an in-game Fortnite event that takes place during the Halloween holidays and every year, numerous skins inspired by the Halloween are added to the game which players can either purchase or win by completing various challenges.

Recently, a popular Fornite leaker known as HYPEX posted a list of eleven upcoming Fornitemare skins.

List of Leaked Skins:

·       “Skull Trooper Neon – Male”

·       “Gangster Monster – Male”

·       “Ghoul Trooper – Male”

·       “Cuddle Team Dark – Female”

·       “The Dark One – Male”

·       “Slurp Creature – Male”

·       “Wraith – Female”

·       “Pale spooky – Female”

·       “Modern Witch – Female”

The full list of Fortnitemares skins has also been leaked by data miners last year so a post like this doesn’t really come as a surprise, however, the skins are not yet in the game files which means that in order to actually see any of them, we will have to patiently wait for patch v11.00.