Fortnite Season 11 – Chapter 2

Fornite’s tenth season titled Season X has finally concluded and players all around the world are expecting a brand new season to begin, however, contrary to what we are used to, there is not a lot of information regarding Fortnite Season 11.

While there have been a couple of leaks here and there, not much has been confirmed. So far we know that the eleventh season of Fortnite will be called Chapter 2 Season 1 which makes sense considering that we have been through 10 seasons already.

There are also numerous speculations within the Fortnite community that players will receive a completely new map along with new vehicles. If the leaked artwork is anything to go by, players will be getting boats to cruise around which as things stand is a bit confusing considering that players could either build a bridge or slowly walk over every single body of water. Whether this changes in season 11, remains to be seen.
We will keep you updated on any other news and leaks.