Epic Games Has Inconsistent Punishments

It appears that Epic Games quite an inconsistent track record when it comes to dealing out punishment for those who abuse the mechanics of their games or use third-party software to cheat or gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Very recently, Epic Games has decided to permanently ban one of the popular Fortnite players FaZe Jarvis. FaZe Jarvis was caught using an aimbot which is a third party program that assists players with aiming in Fortnite which obviously puts others at an unfair disadvantage and is against Fortnite rules. While a permanent ban is very severe punishment and is arguably deserved, there is also a different side to this story.

In another recent case, two players, XXiF and Ronaldo have been caught teaming and farming kills during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers and after Epic had conducted an investigation, they have decided to suspend both players for a maximum two weeks. After the ban expired, players were allowed to keep competing in the same tournament and they ended up in the finals thus securing at least $50000 for themselves in prize money.

Another similar example was the case of FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill being fed information by his teammate who has already been killed in the match. Although they claimed that the whole thing was an accident, there is no denying that it was against the rules. The punishment issued was the suspension of both players from the tournament and the removal of their winnings.

Turner Tenney, more commonly known as Tfue received a permanent ban on an account after he purchased it from the previous owner. This was a violation of the Epic’s terms of service, and while punishment is well-deserved, a permanent ban without any prior warning seems a bit overkill.

Epic Games doesn’t seem to have clear rules and guidelines when it comes to cheaters and rulebreakers. Every player should be treated fairly and equally and the punishment should fit the crime. There have been cases where Epic had taken cheaters to court, so some kind of system of which players can be aware of and informed about would be a step in the right direction.