Fortnite Patch v11.10 Content Update

Another update v11.10 has hit Fortnite servers across all platforms and is currently live, but unlike compared to previous updates, this time we have not received any official patch notes from Epic. While the reason for that is unknown, as well as even if we will be getting the official patch notes, there have been notable changes made to the game that we feel are worth covering. This is why we have decided to go over the major updates in Fortnite patch v11.10 regardless of whether the official ones are coming or not.

Harpoon Gun

Fortnite arsenal of weapons appears to have expanded with the latest addition to it being the harpoon gun. It is a weapon of rare quality and overall is quite interesting to use. While it does have unlimited ammo, it has a magazine of 10 bullets and a reload time of 1.4 seconds. Upon impact, it will deal 75 damage to the player and pull them towards you.

The harpoon gun also deals 150 points of damage to enemy structures which means that it can shatter a wooden structure instantly as well as a freshly built brick structure. Players can also use it to fish and pull items towards themselves such as guns and healing items. It can be obtained from the ground as well as inside of the yellow chests and supply drops.

Weapon Upgrade Bench Locations

One of the new additions in Fortnite Chapter 2 was the weapon upgrade benches. Players can now use these to upgrade their weapons in exchange for some building materials, but it appears that Epic has thought that these weapon benches were scattered too far and between each other which is why they have increased the number of them on the map in patch v11.10.

Removed Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, Zombies and Halloween Decorations

Finally, with the Halloween behind us and the Fortnitemares event over, Epic has decided to remove Pumpkin rocket launchers, fiends and all of the other Halloween decorations on the map. The jump scare in which cars could turn into fiends has also been removed.