Fortnite Update v11.11 Delayed

Last week, in the Fortnite Update v11.10, a new weapon was put into the game as well as some other content and bug fixes, but contrary to the usual where such announcements would be featured in the Messages of the day in the game, no such announcements were made. There have also been no announcements that let the players know about the upcoming updates which struck everybody as a little bit strange.

However, Epic has decided to break the silence and have posted on their official Fortnite Twitter account that the next Fortnite Update v11.11 will be implemented on the 12th of November. The downtime was scheduled to begin on the same date at 4 AM ET. The Tweet also stated that the new patch will include some content for the Save the World mode as well as fix some issues within the Battle Royale mode.

All of this fell through though and the update was delayed. Additionally, the new date for the patch has not been announced and it is possible that we might not even see the Update v11.11 considering that the Update v11.20 has been scheduled for next week. No leaked content has surfaced regarding Update v11.11 which supports the claims that the v11.11 might not be released at all.