Fortnite Update v11.11 Unofficial Patch Notes

Fortnite Update v11.11 recently went live on all Fortnite servers across all platforms, and as expected, Epic has decided not to share any information or patch notes regarding the Update v11.11. However, some information was acquired thanks to data miners, Reddit posts and Twitter, so we are able to share with you most of the major new features and changes.

Fortnite Locker Search Bar

This one has been requested for a long time by the players now and it would appear that Epic has finally decided to implement this feature. The search bar can be found within the Locker tab in Fornite and it can help players find the cosmetics that they desire by typing their names in the search bar thus eliminating the need to scroll through a pile of items in order to find the one that you need.

Grenade Stack Size

One of the major complaints of players in Chapter 2 was the fact that many would simply spam grenades during a fight, so Epic has decided to address this by decreasing the grenade stack size. Players can now carry up to 6 grenades compared to the 10 in the previous patch.

Updated Match Stats Screen

The end stat screen for matches has received an overhaul and now displays medals and accolades, player accuracy, damage taken and a lot more.

Bug Fixes

Along with all of the major changes mentioned above, Update v11.11 also introduced numerous bug fixes such as the issue with the Kitbash skin as well as the Magma Wrap skin.