Fortnite Week 6 Leak

Last Monday, Epic announced that the upcoming Fornite Update v11.11 would go live on Tuesday, November 12th but unfortunately, Epic has later stated in a Tweet that the update was delayed and no new release date has been announced. A little bit more than an hour later, Epic made an announcement that Fortnite Update v11.11 will be going live on November 13th at 9 am UTC.

After all, serves went down, players have discovered that the size of the Update file was less than 600 MB which is unusual and indicated that the update would be very small. Some of the new files have been leaked by data miners and one of them was the new Week 6 loading screen.

Previously, loading screens have been used to provide clues about the locations of hidden battle stars and hidden Fortnite letters. They are usually very easy to spot and not that difficult to find on the map. This week’s leakers were data miners Hypex and Kleinmikex1.