Fortnite V11.21 Unofficial Patch Notes

Another brand new Fortnite update just went live today across all platforms but in keeping with the tradition set with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic has not revealed or published any official patch notes for the Fortnite Update v11.21. While we don’t know the reason for this, we can only assume that Epic will be giving us patch notes only for the biggest update patches from now on.

Today’s update was a smaller one with no new content or items and was focused only on fixing various bugs with the biggest one being the input delay for players who use controllers. Risky Reels also received some very minor changes, not even worth mentioning. This was obviously not a big update that players were expecting. The next upcoming update is Update v11.30 and it will bring the holiday challenges, new features and a new live event.

V11.21 Fortnite Patch Notes:

  • Corrected an issue on mobile that caused FPS drops and hitching.
  • The counter for the amount of refund tokens players have has been correctly after displaying an incorrect number.
  • The option to allow players to see the FPS was missing in the Battle Royale and Creative game modes which has now been fixed.
  • The input delay issues for controller players has now been fully fixed.
  • Corrected an axis offset issue on the map marker.
  • The amount of low-detailed buildings on Nintendo Switch has been increased.