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Fortnite Season X Challenge Week 2

The second challenge week of Fortnite Season X has begun and with it, a brand new set of 14 challenges has been introduced to the game. Players who have purchased… Read more »

Fortnite Season X Challenge Week 1

Fortnite Season 10 has begun and with it, we have received the first week of the new types of challenges which players who have purchased a battle pass can complete… Read more »

Fortnite Season X: B.R.U.T.E. Squad Mission

We have already mentioned in one of our previous articles that after the tenth season of Fortnite went live, the weekly Battle Pass challenges have been replaced by a weekly… Read more »

Fortnite Season X Spray and Pray Mission

The weekly missions are a new system of challenges that were put in place to replace the familiar Battle Pass weekly challenges in the tenth Fortnite Season titled Fortnite Season… Read more »

Fortnite Shootout at Sundown LTM

Since Fortnite Season 10 or more commonly known as, Season X began, many changes have been introduced to the game but one of the biggest was the removal of the… Read more »

Fortnite Patch v10.10 Map Changes

The latest Fortnite patch update v10.10 has recently hit live servers and with it, just like with every other update came many tweaks and changes but this time, most of… Read more »

Fortnite Automatic Sniper Rifle Leak

Fornite Season X has officially been up for less than 24 hours and already, players have been met with a brand new leak. The leak comes from the popular data… Read more »

Fortnite Patch 10.00

The latest Fornite patch is finally live on all servers across all platforms and with it, the tenth Fortnite season titled Season X was officially launched. Downtime for the servers… Read more »

Fortnite Road Trip Missions

Road Trip missions are a new feature in Fortnite which has been introduced to the game with the tenth season of Fortnite titled Season X. Road trip missions have the… Read more »

Fortnite Season X Final Teaser

The fourth and presumably final teaser for the upcoming tenth Fortnite Battle Pass season has been revealed. Once again, the teaser appeared on the official Fortnite Twitter page, however instead… Read more »