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Fortnite Update v11.11 Unofficial Patch Notes

Fortnite Update v11.11 recently went live on all Fortnite servers across all platforms, and as expected, Epic has decided not to share any information or patch notes regarding the Update… Read more »

Fortnite Week 6 Leak

Last Monday, Epic announced that the upcoming Fornite Update v11.11 would go live on Tuesday, November 12th but unfortunately, Epic has later stated in a Tweet that the update was… Read more »

Fortnite Update v11.11 Delayed

Last week, in the Fortnite Update v11.10, a new weapon was put into the game as well as some other content and bug fixes, but contrary to the usual where… Read more »

Fortnite The Lowdown Mission

Another Thursday has arrived and by now, we all know that new challenges have also arrived on all Fortnite servers across all platforms. Just like every week prior, players are… Read more »

Epic Games Has Inconsistent Punishments

It appears that Epic Games quite an inconsistent track record when it comes to dealing out punishment for those who abuse the mechanics of their games or use third-party software… Read more »

Fortnite Patch v11.10 Content Update

Another update v11.10 has hit Fortnite servers across all platforms and is currently live, but unlike compared to previous updates, this time we have not received any official patch notes… Read more »

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Mission

Another new week is upon Fortnite and by now we all know what that means, but in case you are just joining us, it means that a whole new set… Read more »

Fortnite Wavebreaker Pack

A brand new starter pack is coming to Fortnite very soon. Titled The Wavebreaker Pack, it is already available in New Zealand on the PlayStation Store and it is the… Read more »

Fortnitemares 2019 Starts October 29th

The latest Fortnite Chapter 2 update is going live on Tuesday, October 29th at 9 am ET in the form of the content update v11.10. This update will include Fortnitemares… Read more »