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Fortnitemars 2019 Skin Names Leak

Fortnitemares is an in-game Fortnite event that takes place during the Halloween holidays and every year, numerous skins inspired by the Halloween are added to the game which players can… Read more »

Fortnite Potential Lawsuit

Fornite and Epic Games have found themselves recently under legal fire with a law firm from Canada requesting permission to launch a lawsuit against them for knowingly making the game… Read more »

Fortnite Live Event

With the tenth Fortnite season slowly reaching its end, numerous players have started talking about the Fortnite Season X live event, and while it is a safe bet to assume… Read more »

Fortnite Season 11 Coming Soon

The final week of Fortnite Season X is slowly drawing to an end which means that soon enough, a brand new eleventh season will begin. In a recent blog post… Read more »

Fortnite Season X Last Stop Mission

Not too long ago, Fortnite has received what could be the final Limited Time Mission of Season X which just like every time prior consists of seven new challenges which… Read more »

Fortnite Update v10.40.1

The latest Fortnite patch update v10.40.1 recently went live on all servers across all platforms and just like every previous update, this one introduced some new features to the game… Read more »

Fortnite Season X Challenge Week 9

Last Thursday, another new challenge week started in Fortnite which means that all players who have purchased this season’s battle pass have received a brand-new batch of challenges which they… Read more »

Fortnite Season X Ready or Not… Mission

Another new Fortnite challenge week has begun which means that another batch of Limited Time Missions has become available to all Fortnite players and not just those who have purchased… Read more »

Fortnite Update v10.40

A brand new Fortnite Patch Update v10.40 has just gone live on all Fortnite servers across all platforms and just like every other update, it came with a bunch of… Read more »